All of our horses and carriages are presented to an extremely high standard, each hiring taking twelve hours to prepare for, the driver and footmen being dressed in top hats and tailor-made coachman style uniforms, we take pride in providing a top quality, superior turnout.

Whether it is a Wedding, Anniversary, Prom or any other occasion a horse drawn carriage needs to be chosen with care. We will do our very best to make the day a very special and memorable day.

Our Glass Fronted Landau is an all weather carriage that will provide complete peace of mind for those unpredictable rainy days when booking. This carriage is very versatile as there are four different options in the positioning of the roof; all of these are achievable in minutes.We also have a wooden wagonette for those sunny days or for your bridesmaids.

Our horses are presented wearing white plumes, and the carriage adorns white and silver ribbons, alternatively we are able to use the brides own choice of coloured ribbons where provided.

Whilst our horses are able to cover a distance of up to seven miles each day this will depend on the terrain being covered, we are able to advise on enquiry if your request is possible and if a transfer to a car will be required. We look at each route requested to make sure of timings and any special requests that you may have, car transfers etc. and we will liase with your car hire to make these arrangements, Our aim is for you to relax with complete peace of mind that your special day is in safe hands.

We will do our very best to accommodate your requests where it is possible.